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What is a digital badge?
A digital badge is a web-enabled version of your credential evaluation that can be verified instantly.
You can display and share your badge for maximum visibility and recognition. 
Digital badges: 

- Contain metadata on the course and credentials 
- Are shareable across the web and multiple
  platforms e.g. LinkedIn 
- Link badge holders with job opportunities 
- Allow employers to search for workforce with
  specific skillsets  

Digital badges tell people: 

- What you’ve done 
- Why it’s important 
- Who says it’s important 

Your digital badge signifies the credential you receive when you complete one of our assessments. 

Why are digital badges important?

- Free of charge 
- Awarded by VETASSESS and partners 
- A recognised credential evaluation 
- Differentiates you from other candidates 
- Provides one-click verification of your skill sets and education 
- Increases marketability to employers 

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